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How does it work ?

Soorvey.com is a free online survey tool, without limit of questions, answers or time. This website allows the fast and easy creation of questionnaires on the Internet. A beginner can create a form on Soorvey.com like a professional. Questions can be asked in any language. Graphs and stats are automatically generated (Bar charts, Pie charts).
Furthermore, on Soorvey.com you have the possibility to export the data of your free online surveys to other statistical packages (Excel, SPSS). No software to install. This website is optimized for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Why Sustainable Development ?

Surveys driven on the Internet are much more ecological than paper-based surveys (no printing matter). Their circulation is also more environmentally friendly than paper-based forms.
Furthermore, Soorvey is connected and supports many organizations active in the fields of Sustainable Developments: the Environment, Health, Fairtrade & Human Rights. Please get more information on the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
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